About SDS

Sydney Drama School is a training institution that offers developing and experienced actors the opportunity to learn and master the craft of screen acting. Sydney Drama School creates actors who are professional and industry ready.
Through a range of flexible Short Courses, Intensives and Masterclasses, students of all ages, from kids to adults gain the necessary artistic tools to thrive in the film and television industry.

Based at Paddington , our courses are taught by industry professionals who have a passion not only for the screen but also for passing on their expertise to willing and self-motivated actors.



Established in 2012, SDS understands more than any other acting school the pressures and challenges of the film and television industry. But, we are also excited by its possibilities. SDS is dedicated to creating a positive and inspiring environment which allows all actors to grow and develop their craft. Our influence and expertise in casting allows the students to also glean valuable insights into the workings of the industry.

So, to help you navigate those bright lights and zooming lenses, we at SDS vow:

To prepare

To prepare aspiring actors of all ages for the exciting and challenging world of screen acting, by offering a range of diverse and flexible acting courses.

To support

To support our students along their individual acting journey by offering access to committed and compassionate tutors.

To Inspire

To inspire students to enter the world of screen acting with confidence and vigour, by connecting them with national and international industry leaders.


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