Acting Technique

Anyone can drive a car from point A to point B. Just like any actor can stand up and deliver a scene. However, it is those drivers who know the ins and outs of the engine, and who understand the mechanics of the car that will have a more thrilling ride.

We like to think of our Acting Technique course as a pit-stop; a place where you, as an aspiring actor, can get to know your acting engine before you ‘get it on the road’.

In this 6-week course, our experienced tutors will arm you with the essential tools needed to deliver a truthful and thrilling performance; everything from understanding the anatomy of a scene to motivational and characterisation techniques. Each week, you will work with scene partners – who might be new or returning students from previous terms – putting all of your acquired knowledge to practice, before eventually getting up in front of the camera in the last week of the course.

Term Dates

Our Acting for Screen course is on offer in each of our six terms. Our 2018 Term Dates are as follows:

Term 1: 29th Jan – 5th March
Term 2: 26th March – 30th April
Term 3: 21st May – 25th June
Term 4: 16th July – 20th Aug
Term 5: 17th Sept – 22nd Oct
Term 6 – Wednesdays: 17th Oct – 21st Nov
Term 6 – Tuesdays: 12th Nov – 10th Dec


Each term runs for 6 weeks. There are 2 classes on offer per week, each 3 hours in duration. 6 classes in total.

You can choose one or both of the following timetabled sessions:

Tuesday nights with Josh McConville | 6.15pm – 10.15pm
Wednesday nights with Pip Edwards (Separate Term) | 6.15pm – 10.15pm


Toni Higginbotham Casting Studios

Upper Level, 57 Queens Street, Woollahara NSW 2025


Per term

$495 | 1 session a week | 6 classes
$745 | 2 sessions a week | 12 classes

3 Terms upfront

$1335 (save $150) | 1 session a week | 18 classes
$2000 (save $285) | 2 sessions a week | 36 classes


$100 weekly for 12 months | $40 Joining fee | 36 weeks
Free casting networks profile and 1 workshop (valued $330)


Tuesdays: Josh McConville

Term 6 Tuesdays: will start 19th November 2018.
Please note: Due to the delayed start date – there will be two classes on the last week of term 18th and 19th December and no Wednesday class.

Wednesdays: Pip Edwards

Please note – Wednesdays classes run on terms dates 17th October- 21st November.

Term 5 - Now On

17th Sept – 22nd Oct 2018

Term 6 - Open Now

Josh McConville
Tuesdays: 12th Nov – 10th Dec

Pip Edwards
Wednesdays: 17th Oct – 21st Nov

2 Classes per week
Tuesdays: 5th Nov – 10th Dec and
Wednesdays: 17th Oct – 21st Nov

3 Terms Upfront

1 class per week

2 classes per week

The Technical Actor


The Serious Actor



7 + 12 =