Last Saturday 2nd of February just under 50 actors, writers, director and hopful producers flocked into the Paddo RSL auditorium to absorb the know how of Bobby Galinsky, writer/producer of Dust & Glory and Two Worlds Colliding.

Not at all what everyone expected, Bobby quickly set about shattering everyone’s assumptions of the industry and with biting wit and a flare for the ridiculous rebuilt a new approach which put you in the drivers seat. In a remarkably short time we were all repositioned to think of ourselves as producers and were given concrete tools and pathways to go about it.

Thanks to all those that made the Bobby Galinsky Masterclass such a huge success. The room was practically buzzing by the end of the day and everyone left positively charged to put their new skills into practice. We look forward to the release of both Dust & Glory and Two Worlds Colliding and hope to see Bobby back at Sydney Drama School in the future.

Here are some of the moments from the day:
[pictureframe image=”” align=”center” lightbox=”true” title=”Galinsky Wide Angle” link=”” width=”” height=””]

Bobby Galinsky
[pictureframe image=”” align=”center” lightbox=”true” title=”Students 1″ link=”” width=”” height=””]

Jacqui Duncan, Alex Zamfir, Madeleine Levins, … , Jacob Fyfe
[pictureframe image=”” align=”center” lightbox=”true” title=”Troy Harrison, Jemma Hayden, Kitty hopwood” link=”” width=”” height=””]

Troy Harrison, Jemma Hayden, Kitty Hopwood
[pictureframe image=”” align=”center” lightbox=”true” title=”Students 2″ link=”” width=”” height=””]

Joshua Howlett, Franco Flammia, Anthony Darvall
[pictureframe image=”” align=”center” lightbox=”true” title=”Toni & Bobby” link=”” width=”” height=””]

Bobby Galinsky, Toni Higginbotham, Jemma Hayden, Troy Harrison


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