Acting for Camera

Our Kids & Teens program continues to provide young performers with early access to professional skills and screen techniques within a fun and vibrant learning environment. Each course is designed and taught by our virtuoso of children’s education Gabrielle Rogers and culminates with filmed work which kids can take home and show their parents.

For this course we have devised a 3 Day and a 5 Day option exploring the specific skills needed to create a believable and moving performance on screen.

Why watch other people doing what you love this holidays?

In this course you will be given expert (and fun) tuition to help you take your acting to the next level. Acting for Camera with real TV scripts plus TVCs to help you be better at what you love. Our tutor, Gabrielle Rogers, has worked with young people for over a decade. She is also a specialist in creating the American accents so of course we will be acting in our best US accents for part of the course.

The 3 and 5 day option is there for those who know that 3 days is as much as they can do ; but if you are up for it: the 5 days will ensure that by the end of the week you are ready to audition for anyone.


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