He doesn’t hold back, he’s passionate, he’s read more acting books than any teacher we’ve ever met but above all, he’s committed to providing disciplined and hard-working actors with the best acting coaching this side of Stanislavski. Meet Serhat Caradee; actor, director, writer and prolific acting coach.

We asked Serhat to reply to some common actor speak (otherwise known as acting myths and excuses). Below are his responses.


“I don’t like reading.”

SERHAT’S REPLY: Reading for the mind is what exercise is to the body. Actors need to be voracious readers. It unlocks an abundance of imagination, helps with vocabulary and concentration, especially in this world of distractions. Also reading plays, scripts and biographies helps you grow as an artist.

“I’m emotionally blocked.”

SERHAT’S REPLY: Acting classes are not therapy sessions. Acting can be therapeutic but not therapy. Be careful, as some acting techniques and classes may open old wounds and your life’s (personal) baggage. This can be dangerous and damaging to actors. You’re working on, and playing characters. Find what the essence of the scene is about, ask questions about your character’s relationship with the other characters. Allow the given circumstances of the script, play and/or scene to help you create and discover the right amount of emotion that encapsulates that moment. I have a few exercises and techniques that are safe, creative and that use an actor’s imagination to help with these blocks.

“Acting is chill and easy.”

SERHAT’S REPLY: Rubbish. Unless you’re naturally gifted with an amazing and vivid imagination, have easy access to your emotions and can transform yourself to play any character outside your emotional comfort range, then acting takes a lot of hard work, training and persistence.

“Acting is just about being me.”

SERHAT’S REPLY: Sorry, but the character you’re playing wasn’t written for you and it’s not about you; it’s about the story, scene and moment. That is, being in the moment and working off the other actor to create chemistry. Not self-indulgent, narcissistic, tunnel vision (selfish) acting of which, unfortunately, there is a lot.

“I’ve just been heaps busy.”

SERHAT’S REPLY: If you’re not willing to make changes and sacrifices to what you read, watch, listen to and how you spend your spare time, you’re not an actor. Artists (actors) don’t follow and live their lives like everyone else. If you have a creative gift, then nurture it! Don’t waste it worrying about what everyone else is doing or debasing yourself on social media.

“I love watching TV so bad.”

SERHAT’S REPLY: As a form of entertainment, it’s fine. For the craft of acting? Zero. Binge watching for the growing/developing actor (artist) is not creating; it’s escapism and it will chew up a lot of time that you could’ve spent working on your craft, career and creating your own work. However, if you can manage your time appropriately and watch material that is well-written, directed and acted (mainly dramas) then it’s OK.

“There are no opportunities out there for me.”

SERHAT’S REPLY: If you’re a creative artist – wether you’re an actor, writer, director – you can get together with fellow artists and write your own short film, web series, short/long play and/or feature film. With technology these days there is no excuse for not creating your own work. Make sacrifices, get off your arse and create.

“My other acting teacher said I was a natural.”

SERHAT’S REPLY: Naturally at playing yourself, or natural at playing characters? Learn the difference. You study acting to play characters, not yourself.

“I wanna be famous.”

SERHAT’S REPLY: Then you’re a narcissist and have no interest in telling stories, moving people emotionally and exploring the human condition. It’s not about you, it’s about the work. Let your work speak for itself, don’t court publicity for publicity’s sake. “Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art” – Stanislavski.


To work with Serhat in his upcoming MASTER THE MONOLOGUE course, email us at info@nullsydneydramaschool.com.au
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When: 6 x Thursdays starting 14 September 2017
Time: 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Location: Upper Level, 57 Queen Street Woollahra
Cost: $395
Ideal for: Aspiring actors wanting to audition for NIDA, WAAPA, VCA or other full-time courses and need help preparing their monologues. Or those actors wanting to prepare a monologue for other reasons like showreel, or open theatre auditions. Ages 18+. Strictly 12 spots available.


Want to know more about Serhat Caradee? Read on.

Serhat comes from an extensive background in theatre, drama and performing arts studies with training at The Australian Playhouse Studio (TAPS), UWS Nepean, Actors Centre (Journey) and various master classes and workshops. His vast array of experience covers all aspects of working on stage, TV and film. Serhat has worked with theatre companies Shakespeare by the Sea, New Theatre, Genesian Theatre and The Pilgrim theatre. On TV in the second series of the award winning ‘East-West 101’, the 2015 SBS TV series ‘The Principal’ and most recently in 2016 U.S Sci-Fi series ‘Hunters’, produced by Gale Anne Hurd (‘Terminator’ 1 & 2) and created by Natalie Chaidez (‘Heroes’).

He is an Australian Film Television & Radio School (AFTRS) award-winning Directing graduate with short films screening at over forty local and international film festivals, winning numerous prizes and awards, including Best Film at the 2001 Sydney International Film Festival Dendy Awards, and Audience Award at the 2001 New York University (NYU) International Student Film Festival.

Serhat wrote, directed and co-produced the feature film ‘Cedar Boys’, which won the Audience Award at 56th Sydney International Film Festival. It went on to screen at five international film festivals and garnered nominations and accolades in Australia, including AFI (AACTA), AWG, ADG and IF.

He is currently lined up to direct three feature films over the next eighteen months, including the film adaption of best-selling author Michael Prescott’s book ‘Mark of Kane’, the true crime story ‘Killer Country’ inspired by Sandra Lee’s book ‘Beyond Bad’, starring Jessica Marais and Kate Box, and the action horror film ‘Z Block’ written by LA based writer Nicole Jones Dion. He is also working on numerous other projects all in various stages of development through his company Bonafide Pictures with support from Screen NSW, Screen Australia and other production companies. Serhat also teaches casually at Sydney Theatre School, NIDA, Sydney Drama School and UNSW.



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