Thank you for inviting Lynn-Maree to do a workshop there. I loved it. It’s great to get up infront of a new director, and see how they work. What they find works, and sharing their experience. I found I learnt a lot, even about myself once again. Lynn-Maree was open, lovely, focused and passionate about the class and what she does, with an air of “no-bullshit” whilst being supportive.

Natalia Ladyko


Gabriella is the best. Simple as that. For me, going into a major audition without having worked on it with Gabriella first, unless at all avoidable, is not an option. Being able to do so on a weekly basis is a privilege because every week I do, I feel as though I am an infinitely better actor for it. Gabriella really is my not-so-secret weapon.

Anthony Assante


Richard coached each student, individually in presenting a honest and raw scene. The course gave me practical tools to tackle any scene. The combination of talent in the room whether professional or beginner was beneficial, the dynamics of the class encouraged each other, creating a safe environment to take risks and learn.

Kristopher Long


The casting director is a collaborator. As a director, I don’t want a casting director to bring in a bunch of people in the hope that I will find one who is interesting. That is a waste of my time and the actor’s time. Toni Higginbotham and I discuss the roles in detail and she will bring in four or five really good people for each role. It’s great when you take the results to the agency and nobody can decide who to lose!

David Gaddie

Director, The Colony

Gabriella’s Advanced Camera classes were by far the most practical and constructive classes I have attended. Gab is so easy to work with and her constructive criticism and encouragement cannot go unnoticed. The whole class had a really nice vibe and atmosphere and everyone was so encouraging and supportive of one another. Each week we would explore something new, whether it was performing scenes in an American accent, comedy and how to “nail” the comedic timing, or drama. I found it very useful that each week we could take home what we performed to camera on our USB so we can study how we appear and come across on screen. It is amazing to see how much everyone improved over only just six weeks. Gab is a true professional and allowed us to take our performance to the next level. Her advice for not only the scenes but the business and the industry itself is to be commended. I definitely recommend Sydney Drama School to any actor who is serious and has a deep genuine passion for their craft.

Sami Tauber


Richard has an unfaltering eye for truth, the ability to challenge and inspire me to take risks and make bold choices, and has so many tools and techniques to enable the actor to tackle any role or script. Richard is hardworking and switched on- he WILL see your weaknesses as an actor, but he will also help you find solutions so that you can constantly be growing as an artist.

Amber Robinson

Acting Student

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